the future remained a mystery for the middle son of a soil analyst and a farmer. not caring for any life that left him grounded, roman looked upon the stars, in search of any means that would lead him towards his goal: getting off this planet and living his life. young and impulsive, he didn't really know what that meant anymore than his family did as they tried desperately to understand. their son held a troublemaker streak a mile wide, believing that his life was never challenging enough.

in search of the right schools and workload, his parents found that he was far brighter than they imagined. he was no genius, however, with his views of everything around him being simplistic, they did truly believe he needed something beyond them. giving him promises of this proclaimed "better" life, they respected his need for freedom and helped him on his way through education. all in hopes that this would help discipline the boy into a man, and move him onto this path that led him to the stars.

at the end of his college experience, a degree in civil engineering just within his grasp, a recruiter for the adf had him under a spell. with the promises of such a future filled with a catalog of ideals, a rush of new challenges, a direction in exploration. it was too much to resist, and before he knew it, there he was signing up. moving through his ranks as a proper solider, with a brimming optimism he couldn't explain in any other way than he found his place. where he was meant to be.

a proper solider throughout his entire career, nothing still could really prepare him for the gruesome mentality of war. the expansion war wasn't exactly what he had been looking for, as far as challenges to his own skills. he did hold his own, keeping close camaraderie with those that had his back, and he theirs. having watched some lose their lives, and he nearly his more than a single time or two.

acts of bravery being the extra push to move him up the ranks, as it were. stranded and waiting for help, floating in the nearly dead orion expecting to die in space. it was he who kept fellow wounded soldiers alive through skills he learned not only from his time in school, but also his parents. retooling the remains of the ship in order to get it to land on a nearby moon, hiding from rebels and waiting for help. then later, to be part of the excalibur as rebel forces staged a coup through the use of traitors. living him and his fellow officers as prisoners of war until they led their own rebellion and retook the ship a week later.

in 2654, roman was under the belief that he was being recruited to play the part of commander for the endeavor. it was one due to arrogance, and possibly some hope, but that was all in his norm. while he was on a list of possible recruits, he also had to complete current standing patrol orders back on Excalibur. agreeing to be held for a reserved position, it's taken him a few years, but here he is.

positive traits disciplined, creative, determined, passionate, honest, confident, independent, ambitious, tenacious, ethical, loyal, adventurous

negative traits impatient, competitive nature, risk taker, self-inflected, attention seeking, impulsive, aggressive, territorial, blunt

name: roman dominic cortez
also called: cortez, x.o., bull, Romy
dob & age: april 12, 2618 & 39
occupation: executive officer
stationed: the endeavor
resides: gasworks
home world: Mahoroba
race: human
marital status: single


luis roman cortez (father), ximena Esmeralda de león (mother), diego carlos (brother), xavier rafael (brother), maya quinn (sister)


>> Captain: 2652 to current. in 2654, he was asked to be the executive officer for the endeavor. added to a reserve list, and continued duty on Excalibur until 2657. currently the endeavor.
>> Lieutenant Commander: 2646-2652 rank given 2 months into the expansion war. continued duty on the orion. in 2647, orion was badly damaged. restationed to the Excalibur. six months in, it was taken over by rebel forces, but they retook the ship a week later.
>> Lieutenant: 2643-2646 served on orion
>> lieutenant junior grade: 2641-2643 served on the euclid
>> ensign: 2639-2641 served on the discovery


>> kinesthetic learning style
>> esfp
>> THE LOYALIST Enneagram Type 6w5
>> Sanguine-Choleric
>> aries